Jobs are Salsola's version of Co-Ranks. Jobs are entirely separate from the IC hierarchy and have no true hierarchy of their own -- while some Jobs require their occupant to work closely with those in other Jobs, all Jobs are considered equally important.

A Salsolan's Job may affect his or her prestige. Exceptional performance may result in regular hierarchy promotions; conversely, consistently poor performance may result in the loss of Job and demotion. Failure to fulfill one's pack duty is insulting and outright dangerous to all of Salsola.

Salsolan Jobs are split into three cohesive categories: Domestic Jobs, Defense Jobs, and Depository Jobs. These categories all provide extremely important roles in keeping the Thistle Kingdom functional and wealthy.

Claim a Job!

See the Salsola Maintenance thread for further information regarding submission and claiming Jobs.

General Rules

  • Characters may hold a maximum of two Jobs. Your Jobs must be within the same tier of duties, unless you seek special permission from the leadership.
  • Characters may usurp Jobs. Fluid Jobs may not be usurped.
  • Slaves may hold Jobs -- see the Slave Jobs page for more information.
  • Associates, Serfs, and Bambino may not hold Jobs.


  • Completion of a challenge means you have written 1,200 words within the thread. It does not matter how many posts you've made.
  • If the thread dies due to inactivity, it must be the fault of your partner(s).
  • Read Only threads are allowed; use of NPCs is encouraged.


  • If your character wishes to obtain a currently occupied Job, you MUST Private Message the player and discuss usurping with them. Try to come to your own conclusions and outcomes: remember, it is fun to lose and regain Jobs, and it can help to introduce a healthily competitive environment into Salsola.
  • If you cannot come to an agreement with your fellow player, please contact the leadership; if you are uncomfortable approaching your rank's occupant in the first place, you can ask us to approach them for you, too.


Domestic Jobs primarily related to the care and health of Salsola's membership, as well as territory improvements and responsibilities related to the upkeep of the Thistle Kingdom. This tier of jobs is intended to make the territory of Salsola as hospitable to its inhabitants as possible; additionally, the Jobs relevant to members are intended to promote a cohesive Family group.

Some examples of Domestic Jobs are: Ancella (Maid), Creatore (Builder), Curandero (Healer), Segno (scarification/tattoo specialist).


Defense Jobs relate directly to Salsola's defensive provisions, as the name would suggest. This tier of jobs typically deals with militant aspects of the pack, including dealing with outsider threats and ensuring that Salsola is safe to prosper and build its reputation. Considering the Thistle Kingdom’s infamy, as its power has grown, so has the number of its enemies - These jobs are essential to ensuring that Salsolans can continue living their daily lives in peace.

Some examples of Defense Jobs are: Informatore (Spy), Milite (Warrior), Vedetto (Scout), Collettore (Catcher).


Depository Jobs are essential to the continuation of the Thistle Kingdom’s great wealth, and involve the maintenance of Salsola's storage and stock of items, plants, livestock, etc. These ranks focus on the various trade goods and other items Salsola has acquired. Some ranks -- e.g., the Equinest with the Stables or the Conserje with the Storage -- are dedicated to one particular area of Salsola's goods. Depository Jobs also include individuals who are very capable traders.

Some examples of Depository Jobs are: Cazador (Hunter), Signorino (Slave Master), Vaquero (Cowboy), Mercante (Merchant).


Occasionally, characters will have an extremely specialized or rare skill. In these cases, the leadership may create a specific job for that character.


Prior to applying for a fluid Job, you must note the following:

  • Check out our current Jobs and ensure none are suitable for your character.
  • Make sure your proposed Job does not fit into any existing Jobs. E.g., please don't propose a Job specifically for maintaining feed stocks in the Stables; this job is too specific and would be covered by the Equinest.
  • Understand that Fluid Jobs cannot be usurped.
  • In order to maintain your Fluid Job, your character should periodically perform their duties in a thread. Submit the thread to the Salsola Maintenance thread. Failure to do so at least once every three months may result in your fluid Job being stripped, especially if there are other players with characters desirous of a fluid Job.

Submit a Job

If you have ideas for a possible Job, you may absolutely submit them to us; they'll be listed on this page for others to view and possibly use themselves!

Please post to the Salsola Maintenance thread if you are claiming a Job or proposing an idea for one.

Are you aiming for this job, or is it simply an idea?:
Proposed Job tier: Is this a Domestic, Defense, or Depository job?
Proposed Job name: Remember the Naming Conventions -- Italian or Spanish only, please! c: Also include the TRANSLATION of the word you've chosen.
Proposed Job challenges: Come up with two different challenges you can complete for this job. If you get stuck, you may leave this for the leaders.