Welcome to the Family.

Salsola was designed as a pack for the more experienced roleplayers on the boards. While we will certainly welcome any eager player, newcomers to roleplay might find the pack rules difficult to follow, and the in-character cultural stipulations difficult to understand. If you are interested in joining Salsola, please ensure that you have read through all information provided on this website - If you have any questions with the more complex content, just ask our friendly leaders!



Salsola accepts all variety of canines -- non-Luperci are rejected or enslaved, however!


Salsola is extremely strict in IC hierarchy; members are expected to show proper submission and dominance. Those who do not risk being punished or even usurped. Those who contribute to the well-being of the pack are regarded highly, favored by the all members of Salsola.


Salsola was formed from two canines' desires for power and privacy. Many of Salsola's original membership came from Anathema, and it has prospered due to the sustained membership of several large and influential ‘Souls family bloodlines. Salsola has been targeted for infiltration and attack by Outsiders in the past due to its sinister reputation for slavery, secrecy and ambition. More?

Social Structure

The Family values rank, wealth, power and secrecy over all else. While Salsola's social structure appears from the outside to be tightly-knit and functional, not everything is as it seems -- backstabbing, secretive trysts, treasonous plots and so forth are commonplace as a sinister undercurrent to the public persona of a cohesive community.


Salsola occupies the westernmost part of Drifter Bay; crossing the frigid waters of the Pictou River at its easternmost border and reaching north towards the Isthmus of Chignecto. The pack enjoys a sparsely-forested coastline, a swath of central plains, two deep and shadowy pine forests, and the dilapidated medieval ruins leftover from humanity.


Salsola has many IC laws/traditions/etc., and characters are expected to adhere to them! IC consequences are heavily enforced. Do note that characters can be rejected or ejected from the pack for failing to adhere to the cultural norms.

If you have ideas for a plot, thread, or anything else and you're afraid of disrupting the pack or receiving IC consequences, let us know! We’ll work something out where you can have your plot and we can remain true to Salsola’s cultural expectations and social norms.

Remember, with the IC mafia “morality,” many of the rules of Salsola are flexible enough to bribery and favoritism where both the IC leaders and membership are concerned. ;)