Defense Jobs relate to Salsola's defensive provisions, as the name would suggest. This tier of jobs typically deals with foreign relations and dealing with outsider threats. Some positions, such as the Mercante, do focus on crafting relations with foreign groups, however.


This canine primarily acts as a spy and keeps up with the knowledge of all packs, as Salsola finds it necessary to be aware of other pack functions at all times. When the Sapienza is deployed, the Informatore receives their communication and delivers the messages to the leader ranks.


  • Spend at least two weeks away from Salsola, gathering information about other packs. This can be a lot of information relevant to one particular pack, or a briefer report on all the packs, or a similar alternative of your choosing.
  • Thread with a member of a foreign pack. Gain information about their pack WITHOUT revealing that your character is a member of Salsola.


The Interrogante is responsible for interrogating Salsola's enemies. Generally deployed only in extreme situations, the Interrogante must know how to extract information from the most stalwart canines. The Interrogante is required to maintain a private enclave away from Salsola where interrogations are conducted.


  • Locate an enclave away from Salsola for interrogations. Bring a Salsola member of trust (i.e., Confidant or above) along -- encountering a Loner or other pack member is an automatic fail.
  • Prove your character's ability to extract information -- discover something secretive about a foreign pack.


Canines in this job perform a particularly important role where it comes to foreign relations. The Mercante exists specifically to craft trade relations with foreign entities. A Mercante hopeful should be persuasive of speech and cool-headed; additionally, the ability to capitalize on opportunities (especially at the expense of foreign traders) is a must.


  • Trade for an item, plant, or livestock animal to be added to Salsola's various provisions.
  • Travel at least 150 miles away from Salsola to trade with a more distant group or individual.


This Job is intended for those strong of heart. These are the defensive warriors of Salsola, and as such, they must keep their fighting skills sharp. Male applicants are preferred for this Job, though women may also compete. Characters with an uneven temperament (e.g., the insane) are not considered for this job: Salsola's warriors are not meant to provoke attacks, only defend from them.


  • Engage another, more skilled canine in training. The skilled canine may be a foreigner, but if this is the case, your character should not reveal their connection to Salsola.
  • Defend a fellow Salsola member from an attack.


The Sapienzo infiltrates other packs at the leadership's request; this Job joins another pack while retaining Salsola membership (and allegiance). The Sapienzo communicates with the Informatore Job to relay information back to Salsola; messenger birds, notes in trees, and other surreptitious methods are prefrred.


  • If there is currently an Informatore, thread with them and discuss your characters' method of relaying information back to Salsola. If there is no Informatore, have a thread establishing this information relay with another Salsola member.
  • Thread with a member of another pack and gain information about that pack WITHOUT revealing that your character is a member of Salsola.


The Vedetto ranks are scouts, quick to neutralize threats along the border and intercept any would-be trespassers. They often work in conjunction with the Collettore.


  • Find something (or someone) caught in one of the border traps, and deal with this appropriately.
  • Encounter a trespasser -- make them leave. The means can be violent or non-violent.


A specialized role, the Collettore are canines whose cleverness is put to use in the creation and maintenance of Salsola's border traps. They are expected to establish and maintain these, as well as check the quarry of such traps on a daily basis.


  • Build a new trap for Salsola's borders; make sure that this is well marked so that Salsola members don't get caught in it! This can be a fatal or non-fatal trap, but should be unique in location from those listed on the Wiki.
  • Repair one of Salsola's established traps. Sometimes animals damage these or they are set off accidentally. Ensure that these are still in working condition.


Salsola has always held great pride in the quality of its horseflesh. In combination with this pack asset, and our natural desire to remain defended against those who would seek to undermine or oppose us, springs forth the Cavalleria - the mounted warrior, a specialist in horse-back combat. This individual will answer to the Gamekeeper (or the Equinest if there is no Gamekeeper) in times of need.


Please pick two challenges, though completing all three certainly won't count against you.

  • Extensively train a Salsolan horse in combat. War-horses are a great asset to the Pack, but only if they are diligently and skillfully taught!
  • Exercise your skill as a mounted warrior by defending Salsolan territory or a Salsolan packmate against danger! May be against an Outsider or a wild animal, bonus points if another Salsolan is in the thread.
  • Teach another rider an attack move to be used on horseback. This will be easier if the other rider already has some skill in horse husbandry, but fails are still accepted for the Job request! Your teaching does not need to be successful, only an attempt must be made. Bonus points if weaponry is used.