Depository Jobs are primarily relative to Salsola's storage and stock of items, plants, livestock, etc. These ranks focus on the various trade goods and other items Salsola has acquired. Some ranks -- e.g., the Equinest with the Stables or the Conserje with the Storage -- are dedicated to one particular area of Salsola's goods.


In furthering the wealth of the Thistle Kingdom, a new tier of merchants have stepped forward - These are the Artesanos, skilled craftsmen and artisans who bring their specialized knowledge in creating and working with unique materials to supplement the citizens of Salsola.

Please note: Artesanos should be specialized in ONE MATERIAL/ITEM TYPE ONLY - for example, Wolf is a specialist at crafting items from wood, and he may make a number of items from wood, but he cannot ALSO be a specialist in iron or rope-made items. Coyote is a specialist at making tack for horses - she can make horse tack from multiple materials, but cannot ALSO be a specialist in making weaponry or woodworking. This crafting skill is of such quality that your character simply does not have time to realistically specialize in more than one thing.

Your character's specialization will appear in brackets beside their Job title, i.e "Artesano (horse tack)". If you are not certain if a specialty is suitable, please simply PM us to check!


Please pick two challenges, though completing all three certainly won't count against you.

  • Develop your skills by practicing! Your character should realistically have multiple threads in which they are working at/practicing/perfecting their craft. If your character does not spend a reasonable portion of their time devoting themselves to this skill, then it is likely NOT worthy of this Job!
  • Create a custom made item for a fellow Salsolan - This can be either as a request or as a gift. The item should be from your specific Item Type or Material specialty.
  • Trade a crafted item with an Outsider to reap those $$$ benefits. Bonus points if the Outsider is from another pack, and not just a Loner/NPC!


Often the most skilled hunters in Salsola, this trio of canines excels at feeding the family and keeps knowledge of prey activity around Salsola. The Cazador is skilled in land game; they are responsible for noting any herd movement within or around Salsola. The Cazadors are responsible for Last Supper preparations.


  • Capture a feral animal and bring it back -- alive -- to be kept on pack territory until the next Last Supper.
  • Prepare for the Last Supper. Salsola can always use food or spice stores for the Supper.


The Conserje position is important -- this canine is responsible for overseeing all of Salsola's stores. S/he may work closely with the Equinest or Shepherd for reports regarding Salsola's Stables; s/he may confer with the Mietitore regarding the Garden; however, upkeep of the Storage area is the sole responsibility of the Conserje.


  • Engage the Mietitore or Vaquero -- confer with them regarding the Garden or Stables. If none of these Jobs are occupied, the Conserje-hopeful must inspect either the Garden or Stables inventory themselves.
  • Add to the inventory of the Storage area. The addition should be an entirely new item.


This canine is the pack's agriculturalist, proficient in cultivating and using plants. The Mietitore is in charge of the Garden and its products; additionally, the Mietitore must monitor the mushroom supplies on Isle Haute.


  • Tend to the Garden. Even in winter, mulch can be laid down and other maintenance can be performed.
  • Provide at least one medicinal plant for communal uses. Their uses should be well-known -- writing instructions is great!


The Pescador is specifically gifted in hunting where the ocean, river, and lakes are concerned -- they should be an accomplished fisherman. The Pescador must have intimate knowledge of Salsola's various waterways and the fishes found within them.


  • Maintain the Fishing weir.
  • Prepare for the Last Supper. Salsola can always use food or spice stores for the Supper.


The Signorino is responsible for aiding the Overseer (Faction Rank) in slave care. Primary duties include feeding, educating, and punishing slaves under order of the Overseer. While the Signorino needn't be kind-hearted, this Job must ensure that communal slaves are not abused without reason, and kept in good health. The Signorino must also keep a stockpile of septum rings (handmade or scavenged); however, the Signorino does not need to have piercing knowledge.

Additional Role Info: If there is no Overseer ranked, the Signorino assumes primary care for all NPC slaves - They will instead defer to any ranked member of the Merchant Faction.


  • Treat one of the slaves for a malady, such as a cold or minor injury. If the Signorino is not trained for this, have another Family member assist.
  • Guide a slave through preparations for the Last Supper.


The Vaqueros often include or work closely with the Equinest, assisting in the overseeing of livestock; specifically with horses. S/he is expected to be a skilled horseman and capable of breaking green horses, capturing wild ones, and knowing enough to assist with the other livestock should no Equinest be present. In addition to upkeep with the horses in Salsola's Stables, the Vaquero is additionally responsible for keeping up-to-date information on the Bay Horses.


  • Work with one of Salsola's horses, either by breaking a wild one or teaching another something new--refer to training tips for examples.
  • Observe the Bay Horses and inform the Equinest of any changes. If there is no Equinest, report to a member of the Sotto Capo or above.