Domestic Jobs primarily related to the care of Salsola's membership and territory improvements. This tier of jobs is intended to make the territory of Salsola as enjoyable as possible; additionally, the Jobs relevant to members (e.g., Reclutadore, Segno) are intended to promote a cohesive Family group.


This rank is intended primarily for female applicants; superior physical appearance and sweet temperament are preferred. The Ancella's duties include cleaning leaders' homes; they are also expected to sort, clean and maintain the leadership's possessions. Additionally, the Ancella is acts as a babysitter for any pups within the pack.


  • Have at least one thread with a leader and assist them in grooming or den maintenance.
  • Interact with at least one Salsolian child; educate or care for them. If there are no Bambino, discuss child-rearing with a parent in Salsola.


The Creatore is responsible for the creation and maintenance of various buildings and other structures on Salsola's territory. This canine should be well-versed in some form of construction: carpentry, masonry, etc. While the larger buildings are this canine's primary concern, smaller projects may be undertaken, as well -- e.g., crafting small items for Salsola's use.


  • Expand a current structure on Salsola's territory -- e.g., the Stables or a building in the Milstone.
  • Gather building materials for future projects: tools, raw lumber, brick, etc.


The Curandero are healers and spiritualists. These canines should be able to use herbs and have basic medic training. In addition, these canines assist spiritual pursuits within Salsola -- they should be well-versed in the pack's spiritual tendencies.


  • Participate in a pack ritual. Your character may be an active participant or an observer.
  • Heal or treat one sick or injured Salsolian. The injury or illness should be moderate to severe; it won't count if your character heals up a paper-cut or fixes a sore throat!


The Historiador keeps a detailed roster of the packmembers and a log of pack history. Births, deaths, mateships, slaves (communal and personal) and other important historical information is cataloged. The Historiador must be capable of writing; inconsistencies, errors, and inaccuracies are the Historiador's responsibility.


  • Obtain or create something to record Salsola's history.
  • Discover Salsola's history.


The Reclutador is expected to meet with outsiders and recruit the best of them for Salsola. Reclutadors are often personable and persuasive; they should also have strong understanding of the pack's culture.


  • Introduce a new recruit to Salsola's culture, ideals, and traditions. The Reclutador-hopeful does not need to have recruited this character themselves.
  • Recruit a member. The Reclutadore-hopeful does not need to be the sponsor, but the recruit must be accepted into Salsola.


The Segno rank is responsible for marking Salsolian members with the Hand of Eris; the Segno must be well-versed in the pack ritual of Cotona. S/he may work with the Cuandero Job for healing advice. The Segno must bear the scarification mark him or herself.


  • Undergo the Cotona ritual with another Salsolian.
  • Perform the Cotona ritual on another Salsola canine.


A noted member of the infamous Coven of Salsola, generally ruled over by the Crone. Attends to their own spiritual needs, aids in sorcery and (un)holy rites to help defend Salsola/allow it to flourish, or even worships at various sites of power within Salsola's territory claim (i.e the haunted Blackwoods). Does not need to adhere to any specific religion!


Please pick two challenges, though completing all three certainly won't count against you.

  • Undertake a ritual for the benefit of yourself, another pack member, or the overall good and prosperity of Salsola (example: a sacrifice, a fasting spell, a blood-rite, be creative! Even a spooky prayer or song will work!). CAN be a RO, does not require another character in attendance. As with all rank-applicable threads, must be +1500 words.
  • Discuss your witchy beliefs with another member of Salsola. They should identify you as one of the coven by the end of this thread, if you do not outright say it yourself. This thread can take place with another so-called Witch. Bonus points if this thread is with a member of the Sanctus Faction, or with the Crone themself!
  • Scare an Outsider with spooky voodoo, or cast a menacing hex on them! Let your witchy infamy grow by intimidating an individual with your scary beliefs. This thread should involve an Outsider/someone who is NOT a Salsolan. Bonus points if another Witch joins you!