Fluid Jobs

Occasionally, characters will have an extremely specialized or rare skill. In these cases, the leadership may create a specific job for that character.

Prior to applying for a fluid Job, you must:

  • Check out our current Jobs and ensure none are suitable for your character.
  • Make sure your proposed Job does not fit into any existing Jobs. E.g., please don't propose a Job specifically for maintaining feed stocks in the Stables; this job is too specific and would be covered by the Ganadero.


  • Fluid Jobs cannot be usurped.
  • In order to maintain your fluid Job, your character should periodically perform their duties in a thread. Submit the thread to the Salsola Maintenance thread. Failure to do so at least once every three months may result in your fluid Job being stripped, especially if there are other players with characters desirous of a fluid Job. Essentially -- it's a lot of work for us to absolutelypositively require everyone to submit threads and check them, but if you're doing threads relevant to your Job anyway, save us a bit of trouble and just let us know? c:

Submit a Job

If you have ideas for a possible Job, you may absolutely submit them to us; they'll be listed on this page for others to view and possibly use themselves!

Please post to the Salsola Maintenance thread if you are claiming a Job or proposing an idea for one.

  • Are you aiming for this job, or is it simply an idea?:
  • Proposed Job tier: Is this a Domestic, Defense, or Depository job?
  • Proposed Job name: Remember the Naming Conventions -- Italian or Spanish only, please! c: Also include the TRANSLATION of the word you've chosen.
  • Proposed Job challenges: Come up with two different challenges you can complete for this job. If you get stuck, you may leave this for the leaders.

Fluid Jobs

Chiromante (Isabella)

This job is based in the spirits -- this canine reads fortunes for those within Salsola, foretelling their future and predicting information about their past (or past lives). The Chiromante may be consulted for spiritual advice and predictions regarding a specific problem in a Salsolian's life, or Salsolians may consult with the Chiromante regarding broader problems, as well as the Chiromante's prediction of public reactions and consequences.


  • Read the fortune of a fellow Salsolian.
  • Create a space within Salsola where your character can tell fortunes, and outfit it accordingly (e.g., crystals, creepy things, etc.)

Consiglio (Siv)

The Consiglio is a therapeutic position within the pack. This canine exists to facilitate relations between individuals within Salsola in order to strengthen the group as a whole. Advice and counseling should be this canine's primary focus -- where the Chiromante focuses on the spiritual aspect, the Consiglio rules the practical realm, proposing solutions to problems Salsolians face in their relations with other packmembers.


  • Help improve relationships with The Family, either by resolving issues between members or helping Associates gain trust in (and of) Salsola.
  • Use any form of therapy to help improve a member's mental health.

Profumiere (Isabella)

The Profumiere exists within Salsola to provide a means of perfuming oneself, either for aesthetic reasoning or reasons of disguise. The Profumiere should be proficient in the creation of perfumes and scented oils, and they should keep stock of a variety of differing scents for pack use. This skill may also accompany plant cultivation skills, as certain scented plants may not be readily available within Salsola's pre-existing garden or plant stock.


  • Grow your own scented flowers and make oil yourself. If your character does not know these techniques, they must learn them.
  • Trade in the pack or make a gift of the oil to a member or trade for essential oils or fully made perfumes from Freetown.

Costurera (Lillith)

The Costurera is Salsola's most talented garment maker, and generally responsible for providing such skill for disguise and other such needs. This skill is often accompanied by means of acquiring or making materials such as yarn, cloth, and like-materials.


  • Create an elaborate or practical article of clothing for a high ranking member of Salsola.
  • Gather or create materials needed for clothing crafting, ie. whool, silk, leather etc.

Veleno (Scorpius)

This canine is skilled in arts of poisoning -- they should be adept at the creation and use of poisonous substances.


  • Learn to make poisons to use for silent murders and manufacture some for Salsolan defense.
  • Use the poison to kill an enemy of Salsola or test it on other animals for potency.

Maniscalco (Bellatrix)

This job requires someone skilled in the art of maintaining a forge and crafting metal-work supplies. They should be skilled in various creations, from useful tools like nails to more complex weaponry.


  • Create a weapon for a high ranking member of Salsola.
  • Craft or repair a tool important to the pack.

Libro Guardiano (Artemisia)

Knowledge is power, and in Salsola it is highly valued. The Libro Guardiano maintains the largest collection of books and other written materials in the pack, of which they are expected to maintain. They often act as council for members seeking logical solutions to problems.


  • Procure books to add to one's own personal collection, either through trade, scavenging, or making it yourself.
  • Council another member in regards to problems requiring practical solutions.

Boticario (Bane)

The purpose of the job is to maintain/create supplies that contribute to the health and enjoyment of Salsolans. Making and adding supplies to the clinic, and the creation of foods and goods from raw materials are duties that fall to the Boticario.


  • Add some supplies to Salsola's medic clinic — remember the Boticario is a crafter, so the item cannot be just raw materials! Some examples include crafted bone needles, jars of saltwater or alcohol for wound cleansing.
  • Craft a healthful or recreational supply for the use of any Salsolan or add it to the communal stores.

Mandriano (Katinka)

This position is specifically dedicated to the collection of goods and making of materials originating from Salsola's livestock.


  • Harvest animal products from Salsola's communal livestock (e.g., collect eggs from chickens, shear sheep, milk goats and cattle).
  • Create or refine animal products into valuable goods (e.g., wash and comb fleece, curdle milk into cheese).

Cocinero (Helena)

This position is dedicated to preparation of food stuffs, especially cooked meals.


  • Design and create a special or unique dish for The Last Supper or an equally important event. If necessary, engage with the Cazador or the Signorino/Overseer to discuss Last Supper preparations.
  • Bring a home cooked meal or other edible gifts to an injured, unwell or otherwise indisposed pack-mate.
  • Bolster the food or spice stores e.g., drying/salting of meat and herbs, preservation of spices.