Salsola's ranks are simplistic and strict in hierarchy, drawing primary inspiration from Sicilian mafia. There are six tiers of ranks, with individual positions within each ring. Most ranks are irrelevant to job; Co-Ranks (AKA Jobs) provide functionality and particular skill, while the regular ranks signify caste and hierarchy.

Mafiosi (Leadership)

See the Leaders page for more information.

The Mafiosi rank consists of only two members: the Boss and the Lord Commander. They are the leadership of Salsola, and the highest-ranked members of the pack. Their relationship often corresponds as a mentor/mentee type role.

The Boss (1)

Also commonly referred to as the Queen, the Boss is the matriarchal leader of Salsola, and the highest ranked member of the pack. The Boss' duty is to oversee the running of the Thistle Kingdom, to promote order and loyalty without mercy. The Boss' word is law within the kingdom, and can overrule any cultural law already in place. The Boss primarily deals with the Ambassador and the Crone regarding pack matters, delegating a lot of the remaining work to the Lord Commander.


  • Members should refer to her as the Boss or Queen when in public; only those closely related or high in rank should refer to her by name in private.
  • Public disagreement with the Boss is forbidden; The Lord Commander is the only individual in The Family who has the right to openly disagree with the Boss.
  • The Crone will often speak of the Boss in the manner of a spiritual deity as well as a mortal ruler, to promote obedience and devotion within the pack.

The Lord Commander (1)

The Boss' second is also commonly titled the Princess or Prince, although their official calling is the Lord Commander. They are highly regarded within the pack, and their voice carries the authority of the Boss, and is always obeyed. The Lord Commander is the second highest ranking pack member within Salsola, and as such, they have the power to command those around them. The Lord Commander works closely with the Director and Gamekeeper to constantly be on top of the needs of the pack. In the absence of the Boss, the Lord Commander takes entire control of Salsola, and is called the Regent until a new Boss is chosen.


  • Members should refer to them as the Lord Commander or ‘my Lord/Lady’ when in public; only those closely related or high in rank should refer to them by name in private.
  • The Lord Commander keeps a close eye on the Sotto Capo, to ensure that there is no obvious dissent within the ranks that threatens the leadership of the Boss.

Sotto Capo (The Captains)

Often regarded as the high councilors of Salsola, these four elite pack members make up the most trusted advisers of the Boss and the Lord Commander. They each provide select skills and fulfill necessary duties for the well-being of Salsola, and are highly respected by the pack. All four have the power to accept new members into the pack.

The Crone (1)

The spiritual leader of Salsola is feared by most for her mysterious connections to the other-worldly powers. The Crone rank is always held by a woman, due to the belief that women have a greater connection to things of the spirit. The Crone is expected to offer spiritual guidance to the leadership, giving advice that is guided by their understanding of magics. The Crone is often unfavorably called "The Witch" by those in the pack who are, understandably, frightened of her connection to the other-world. She is the head of the Sanctus Faction.

The Director (1)

As Salsola’s need for secrecy grew, so did its need for spies and protection. To this end, a position of strategist, information keeper, organizer, militante and adviser in matters of pack secrecy was created. The Director is expected to be knowledgeable on all the goings-on within Salsola, and regularly inform The Boss as to such matters; They are also expected to be up-to-date on pack relations and any relevant Outsider gossip. They are the one that decides what information is important enough to be brought to the attentions of the Mafiosi, and what can be handled at a lower level. In general, the the Director is meant to act as an informer and body-guard to the Mafiosi when it comes to matters both in and outside of Salsola. They are the head of the Shield Faction.

The Gamekeeper (1)

One of the most important roles within Salsola’s structure, the Gamekeeper is not selected lightly. This rank has the duty of overseeing all livestock and game within Salsola’s territory; monitoring the levels of local prey to ensure the land is not being over-hunted, taking stock of the domesticated animals, and maintaining records of Salsola’s own breeding and purchase of livestock. The position requires collaboration with the Ambassador, in the event that more livestock or prey needs to be traded for to boost Salsola’s local levels. The Gamekeeper is also responsible for maintaining the highest quality of animals within Salsola’s stock, particularly encouraging the continued prosperity of Salsola’s horse breeding program. They are the head of the Ranger Faction.

The Ambassador (1)

The final member of the Sotto Capo is responsible for the pack's glowing reputation as wealthy traders of goods and services. Due to Salsola's strong connections with a variety of merchants at the ports and docks of Freetown, the Ambassador is often required to make regular trips to New Hampshire and the Salsolan Trading Outpost to retrieve important items for trade. They work closely with the leadership and the other advisers, to ensure that the pack is well-stocked on necessary items, and keeping the treasury fat and satiated for the purchase of more goods. In addition to these tasks, the Ambassador is also often the face of Salsola, frequently sent to outsider events as a delegate for the leadership. Working closely with the Director, they monitor relationships with the other packs, and promote or defend them as necessary. They are the head of the Merchant Faction.

Faction Tiers (Specialised)

The Luperci within these ranks have made an outstanding effort to utilise their unique, specialised skills. Their value to Salsola has earned them a position within the elite circle, serving directly under one of the infamous Sotto Capo. These canines will often be called upon by leadership for their selective mastered skills. The rest of the pack looks upon them with admiration and respect. All Faction members, save apprentices, are essentially equal in their positions.


  • It is courteous to refer to any faction-ranked individual as the ‘master’ of their trade. As such, lower-ranked members may often simply genuflect to them with the name ‘Master’ or ‘Mistress’.

Sanctus Faction (Spiritual)

Cleric (1)

The Cleric serves Salsola as its master-healer. Although the pack may have multiple healers or medics, the Cleric is responsible for monitoring the training and skill of said healers, as well as being expected to maintain the overall health of the pack. Although considered a practical role, the Cleric is heavily encouraged (by their faction head, the Crone) to incorporate prayer and spirituality into their practice.

Scepter (1)

The Scepter is the official ‘mark-maker’ of the pack, specialising in tattoos, brandings and scarification. Although they may delegate the scarification hand-of-Eris ritual to the faction Apprentice, the Scepter is responsible for ensuring that those coming-of-age and new Family members receive the appropriate scarification induction. The Scepter is also responsible for the upkeep and display of Salsola’s spiritual sites.

Seer (1)

Salsola’s Seer functions as a spiritual advisor and companion for the Crone. They act as the close associate to the faction head, assisting in almost all rituals (by gathering or trading for the necessary components and/or aiding in the rituals themselves). The Seer is often privy to the Crone’s confidences, and holds an esteemed place within Salsola’s ranks. Some pack members may fear them for their associations to the supernatural world, which they may choose to enhance with hallucinogenic visions and other unsavory means.

Bard (1)

A musical scholar and entertainer, the Bard functions as Salsola’s jester and actor. Due to their natural enigmatic skill at entertaining or thrilling the populous, the Bard is frequently invited to take part in rituals and important pack events. They are canny and quick-witted, and should know how to please any crowd, and talk (or sing!) their way out of any trouble! Due to this skillset, the Bard is often requested to accompany members of the Merchant faction in meetings with other pack delegates.

Sanctus Apprentice (1)

The Sanctus Apprentice (commonly referred to simply as ‘Apprentice’, in accords with the apprentices of the other factions) is a general role filled by a pack-member seeking to assist, and possibly be promoted to, the more respected Sanctus ranks. They are expected to be available to the Crone, Cleric, Scepter, Seer and Bard, as both an advisor and an assistant. They should have a general knowledge of two or more of the other Sanctus ranks, and may be required to fill in for a Sanctus Faction member in the event of their absence.

Shield Faction (Defense)

Emissary (1)

The eyes and ears of the eyes and ears, the Emissary is a role that requires extensive loyalty and trust. If something is happening, the Emissary knows about it. They are expected to have the most current intel on Salsola’s neighbors, friends or foes, and be a reliable and continual source of information.

Paladin (1)

A “jack of all trades” when it comes to combat, the Paladin is expected to be well versed in a variety of fighting styles and weapons. They are responsible for the training and organization of all other militant-style ranks, and should be available to any Family member seeking to better their weaponry or combat skills. The Paladin also functions as ‘muscle’ for the Sotto Capo and the Leadership, and can be requested to accompany any pack convoys for protection.

Enforcer (1)

When a show of force is needed, but finesse required, the Enforcer is sent. This member is extremely talented in the art of killing, and even more talented at getting away with it. Though the Enforcer most commonly works outside of the pack, there are whispers of covert inside-assassinations as well. The Enforcer is highly skilled with a small range of weapons, often preferring items that can be easily concealed and used for quick, or ruthless, kills.

Striker (1)

Without question, the Striker is most talented long-distance fighter in the pack. They should be master in at least one long-range weapon, such as a bow or slingshot, but often work with many. Something of a “first response”, a Striker is sent when close combat can be avoided and often serves double-time as scout. The Striker should have an excellent knowledge of both the pack terrain and the surrounding area.

Shield Apprentice (1)

The Shield Apprentice (commonly referred to simply as ‘Apprentice’, in accords with the apprentices of the other factions) is a general role filled by a pack-member seeking to assist, and possibly be promoted to, the more respected Shield ranks. They are expected to be available to the Emissary, Paladin, Enforcer and Striker as both an advisor and an assistant. They should have a general knowledge of two or more of the other Shield ranks, and may be required to fill in for a Shield Faction member in the event of their absence.

Ranger Faction (Game & Livestock)

Jagermeister (1)

Entirely focused on Salsola’s wild prey, the Jagermeister is the pack’s most talented hunter. They by and large function as a solo unit, often spending more time observing and taking careful note of the local populations before a hunt. For larger animals, and group hunting, the Jagermeister will take responsibility for the organization and success (or failure) of such an event. This is especially important proceeding The Last Supper.

Angler (1)

Salsola’s most talented fisherman takes control of all aspects of fishing within the pack. They are expected to have an intensive knowledge of Salsola’s surrounding bodies of water, and have experience in all of them. They should have extensive knowledge of the Weir and Dock. The Angler will often work with the Slave of the Salt (and equally often owns said slave).

Shepherd (1)

Salsola’s Shepherd is responsible for the care of the non-equine animals within the pack. They are expected to have a wide range of experience with animals, given that any number of oddities might make their way into Salsola. They work closely with the Equinest to ensure that the herds are frequently rotated through grazing areas, and will often be partial to the Merchant Faction’s trading efforts of livestock..

Equinest (1)

This role is one of the most esteemed in Salsola. The Equinest is responsible for the care of Salsola’s horses, and oversees all aspects of their care.Though they do not make the final decision when it comes to breeding (which often falls into the jurisdiction of the Boss), they are always consulted in the matter. They work closely with the Vaqueros, and also conduct dealings through the Merchant faction for the trading of valuable horses to influence the bloodlines of Salsola’s herds.

Ranger Apprentice (1)

The Ranger Apprentice (commonly referred to simply as ‘Apprentice’, in accords with the apprentices of the other factions) is a general role filled by a pack-member seeking to assist, and possibly be promoted to, the more respected Ranger ranks. They are expected to be available to the Jagermeister, Angler, Shepherd and Equinest as both an advisor and an assistant. They should have a general knowledge of two or more of the other Ranger ranks, and may be required to fill in for a Ranger Faction member in the event of their absence.

Merchant Faction (Trade)

Vendor (1)

The Vendor is the visible head of Salsola’s trade, and often accompany or act on behalf of the Ambassador. They are responsible for Salsola’s place at The Outpost and often act as the public face with Salsola’s trade partners. They are expected to keep detailed logs to pass on to the Quartermaster of items that pass through Salsola’s Outpost Stall, and often deal closely with other Factions to ensure they receive all the items and materials they require for their respective tasks.

Dealer (1)

With many environments by and large being hostile to Salsola, this trader must often employ disguise and deception when working. They are expected to be quick-witted and crafty, always seeking a better deal than the one they give. The Dealer works largely alone, as a means to ensure that their origin is kept secret. While they engage in material trade, the Dealer is also expected to keep their eyes and ears open while they work.

Quartermaster (1)

The Quartermaster is responsible for Salsola’s goods, a position which does not come lightly. They are expected to know how to read and write and keep extensive and meticulous notes when it comes to Salsola’s materials and products in order to best track them. The Quartermaster is in charge of the storage facility and seeing that it remains well-stocked. They are also expected to directly serve the Ambassador in matters of business.

Overseer (1)

Responsible for communal slaves, the Overseer is in charge of the acquirement and training of these poor individuals. Alongside the Signornio/a, they are further responsible in seeing that no slave is unreasonably abused - and also that any communal slave receives just punishment for any rebellious actions against the pack. They are expected to be firm and dutiful.

Merchant Apprentice (1)

The Merchant Apprentice (commonly referred to simply as ‘Apprentice’, in accords with the apprentices of the other factions) is a general role filled by a pack-member seeking to assist, and possibly be promoted to, the more respected Merchant ranks. They are expected to be available to the Vendor, Dealer, Quartermaster and Overseer as both an advisor and an assistant. They should have a general knowledge of two or more of the other Merchant ranks, and may be required to fill in for a Merchant Faction member in the event of their absence.

Inner Ring (High Ranks)

Individuals within these ranks are considered to be among some of the most trusted and respected within Salsola. They are the noble class of Salsola, long-time members who have proved themselves as useful and valuable to the leadership.

Arbiter (∞)

The Arbiters are Salsola's show of power. Their function is to intimidate outside of Salsola, presenting the pack as a strong kingdom. They are generally physically intimidating or possessing sharp cunning. Along with their presence, Arbiters often spread exaggerated tales and outright lies regarding the pack so that others will not wish to disturb Salsolan peace. Arbiters ensure the justice of Salsola, employed by the Leadership to mete out punishments where necessary and police their fellow pack-mates.

Henchman (∞)

Trained for quick immobilization skills and immediately nullifying threats, Henchmen are the brute protection and intelligence force of Salsola. Well known for their skill in the sly arts most valued in Salsola, these members are very much prized within the pack. They obey only the Mafiosi and Sotto Capo ranks and are hand-picked for their impressive obedience and loyalty. Henchmen are required to act in the interest of Salsola first and foremost and are well-versed in Salsola's codes and traditions.

Warden (∞)

As their name suggests, Wardens are the protective guardians of Salsola, keeping an eye on anything which might disturb the pack's peace. They are often charged with the protection and guidance of lesser members, or hopeful Associates, as they are trusted to instruct newcomers properly in the ways of the Thistle Kingdom. Wardens expected to have a clear understanding of the political and cultural details of the pack. Only the most attentive, cunning, devoted and ambitious Tradesmen are promoted to Wardenship.

Central Ring (Medium Ranks)

All members within the Central Ring are the heart of the hierarchy, consisting of trusted members and youths. This is "The Family" itself, the trusted center and beating heart of Salsola.


  • Members ranked Family and above may sponsor a newcomer for Salsola's joining and trial process. See Sponsor for more.
  • Members ranked Family and above are permitted to reproduce.
  • Only those ranked Family and above may own a personal slave (played or NPC). Characters below this rank are free interact with played or NPC slaves; however, they are not allowed to take direct ownership over a slave.


  • Bambino may not hold Jobs.

Tradesman (∞)

Holding the trust of the higher ranks, Tradesmen are given more freedom than those ranked below them, allowing them to barter and exchange goods beyond the territory without suspicion. With the blessing of the Mafiosi or Sotto Capo tiers, tradesmen are allowed to go to haggle and sell on the behalf of the pack. They are also encouraged to recruit potential new members found on their travels beyond the Thistle Kingdom.

Confidant (∞)

A Confidant is prized in Salsola. Confidants are exceptionally loyal, trusted by many higher-ranked members and next in line for the Tradesman ranks. They should strive to display loyalty to the higher ranks and show great ambition to claim a place in the Inner Ring. Confidants should seek to train with the Tradesmen ranks and get to know the leadership; a strong relationship with these members is crucial for further promotions.

Family (∞)

This is the standard rank; Family members are dedicated and intelligent, adhering to the Salsolan culture and gloating in the surety of the Associates’ envy. Though Family members should display strong loyalty to the higher ranks, they may be prone to bickering amongst themselves for personal hierarchy. Members of the family are encouraged to begin specialising their skills - those who seek to be promoted will need to prove their additional value! Mateship and Co-ranks are encouraged.

Bambino (∞)

This is the standard child rank. One remains a Bambino until they reach shifting age. At that time, these hopeful youths undergo the Cueponi ceremony to try and gain the respect of the adulthood ranks. Generally, those under seven months are accepted to this rank.

Outer Ring (Low Ranks)

Life is more difficult for those who have not been accepted into the Family rank. Those in the Outer Ring are generally looked down on by other pack members, and may be viewed with suspicion and distrust. They are often kept in the dark regarding pack matters, and will likely be kept in this rank until they have proven themselves worthy of additional respect.

Associate (∞)

See the Associates page for more information.

Those of Salsola's entry rank are treated with disdain, though certainly not to the extent of Slaves. Associates should have ambitious desire for promotion, and should aim to please those of higher rank. Mateship to a higher-ranking member is an immediate induction into The Family rank.

Serf (∞)

This Omega rank consists of the lowest canines still retaining their membership, often used as a punching bag or entertainment by other Salsola members. This rank is marginally better than the Slave rank, with those of Serf rank sometimes treated as a servants by those of higher rank.


  • Some Serfs are former slaves who, either by extraordinary deeds or the will of their owners, are freed from slavery. Though elevated above slaves, these freedmen are incapable of rising from this class. Though they are not obligated to any master, they are expected to assist with tasks considered "below" Salsola's Family.
  • A Serf’s status allows them to participate in all aspects of Salsola’s culture, including owning slaves themselves.
  • Additionally, while a Serf’s status cannot change, children born to them are able to be completely integrated into Salsola’s culture and rank system…for a price. This includes both goods and services, and must be sponsored by at least one member of Salsola. Once approved by the Boss, the freed child is considered in debt to their sponsor—they may be asked for certain favors at any time by their patron.

Trell (∞)

See the Slaves section.