Contact the Leaders

Need to get in touch with a leader? Here are a few ways to do so, listed in order of our preference. Please use the method convenient for you, but note that we do prefer the first two methods before the final two. c:

  • PM us on our pack account. We strongly prefer being contacted via the Pack Account in regards to any questions!
  • Post to the SL Maintenance thread. Use the Salsola Maintenance thread for maintenance updates, thanks!
  • Contact an individual leader.



Hi! I'm Mel, Captain of Team Salsola. In addition, I’m a member of the ‘Souls Assemblage. You might remember me from one of my numerous characters over the past decade (and then some!) ;D Feel free to let me know if you require any kind of assistance~ Check my Wiki Page for further details!

Salvia Eternity [ Profile - 'SoulsWiki ]

Salvia was amongst Salsola’s founders and boasts a bloodline with strong ties to the pack. Since her aggressive rise to power, she has sought to ensure her position remains unquestioned, often through manipulation or force. She seeks ways to better the pack through means of trade and the breeding of livestock.

When it comes to getting on her good side, Salvia believes that information is highly valuable. She is also interested in high-quality and rare items.

One can most often find Salvia at Grimrun, where she trains Salsola’s many horses, or along the borders. She is easily reached by means of howling or sending messages through her NPCs.



Hello lovelies! Anybody recall Sirius Revlis, the first King of Salsola? That’s right, that mean old grump belonged to me! I’ve been with Salsola since the beginning, and intend to see it through to its end (unless we finally succeed in our secret goal of conquering all ‘Souls and renaming it ‘Souls: Salsola wins). Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can assist you with anything - You can contact me via Private Message on the boards ♥

Elphaba Revlis [ Profile - 'SoulsWiki ]