Slavery is encouraged, fostered by the leadership and accepted (albeit begrudgingly, in some cases) by the membership. There are two types of slaves: communal slaves and personal slaves. Neither type of slave is considered a part of the pack's hierarchy; slaves are chattel and owned as much as any inanimate object. Slaves are frequently used for menial labor tasks as well as cleaning and cooking.

OOC Restrictions

  • NPC personal slaves must be purchased via the game. Played companion slaves needn't be purchased.
  • Only those of Family and above may own a personal slave (played or NPC). Characters below this rank may interact with slaves, of course; however, they may not own a personal slave.*
    *Note: An exception is made for those who join with Slaves. An Associate may own a slave if s/he was enslaved before the Associate joined Salsola. In these exceptional cases, if the slave is an NPC, the member must still pay the 150 point price, generally as a transfer from another pack.
  • Communal slave additions must be approved by the leadership. Personal slaves do not require approval.
  • Slaves must be at least one year (12 months).

Slave Types

Communal NPC Slaves

These NPCs may be used by any member (ranked or slave). These slaves belong to the entirety of the pack. Major changes to the slaves should be discussed with the Salsola leadership beforehand! If you use a NPC communal slave in a thread, post to Salsola Maintenance or update their list of threads on their Wiki page yourself!

Slaves are usually listed on our Member Directory.

Personal Slaves

These slaves are bound to a single member of Salsola and must serve that Salsolian in all things. Personal slaves are to be treated in whatever manner their master desires, whether cruel or kind. Personal slaves often receive kindnesses unavailable to communal slaves, and are sometimes treated in a manner similar to a companion.

Personal slaves are generally not permitted to be taken from the stock of communal slave without leadership permission; they must be captured or traded for by the Salsolian desiring a personal slave.

Pack Interaction

Personal slaves are not permitted to disobey pack canines -- unlike a communal slave, however, a personal slave may decline an order, should it interfere with a current task for his/her master. Ranked canines, on the other hand, may not cause harm to a personal slave other than their own -- this would be akin to destroying another Salsolian's property.

Slave Jobs

Slave of the Flame

    This canine primarily assists those in the Defense tier of Jobs. The slave chosen for this job is generally of top physical stature, and may possess fighting skills. They should possess an even temperament and acceptance of their position as a slave.

Slave of the Thorn

    This canine primarily assists those in the Domestic tier of Jobs. This canine should be well-versed in the various domestic tasks of Salsola -- e.g., assisting the Curandero and Creatore with their tasks, and perhaps assisting the Segno with his or her tools.

Slave of the Earth

    This canine primarily assists those in the Depository tier of Jobs. This canine is responsible for the stocks of Salsola -- e.g., attending to the livestock, garden, storage area, etc.

Slave of the Spirit

    This special position is generally granted to a sweet-natured slave. Their primary duties include serving the Curandero and the Mietitore; he must be knowledgeable regarding plants and herbs, as well as concoctions to be made from such.

Slave of the Salt

    This special position is granted to a slave with boating and water skills. Their duties include maintaining the boatway between Isle Haute and mainland Salsola. The Slave of the Salt lives on the island and waits for Salsolians who require ferrying.

Slave of the Crown

    This special position is granted to a slave with extremely docile tendencies. Their duties include assisting the Ancella with her duties; during the Last Supper, they privately taste the food served to the pack before the ranked members commence eating. If a leader dies, the Slave of the Crown is sacrificed alongside the late leader to help them in the afterlife.

Slave of the Hoof

    This special position is granted to a slave with equestrian skills. Their duties include caring for the horses and any other animals stabled within the stables, and the Slave of the Hoof is expected to reside within the stables. This canine must have extensive knowledge of horsemanship.



Toward Ranked Salsolians

Note: Personal slaves may have different requirements around their masters but should adhere to these general guidelines when interacting with other Salsolians.

  • Slaves avoid looking at all ranked Salsolians altogether. Their eyes should be on the ground unless needed for a task.
  • Slaves should speak when spoken to, answering only direct questions.
  • Slaves should always display proper submission: a slave's tail is generally tucked, their ears and tail lowered.

Toward Other Slaves

There are no true rules within Salsola as to how a slave must treat another slave. Slaves are not required to be comradely with one another -- no slave is protected from another slave's sour words and surlines. Mild dissent is preferrable within the slave ranks, as a group effort could result in a revolt.

On the other hand, severely injuring another slave is akin to damaging property. Personal slaves of a highly-ranked canine should be treated better than communal slaves -- ill treatment of a slave belonging to a high-ranking canine may incur consequences.


All new slaves are educated in their duties and proper behavior. This is usually the Signorino, but can be anyone of rank. The slave initiation process may take a few weeks; during this period, new slaves are confined to the slave quarters.


Slaves are distinguished by their septum piercing, generally a simple golden ring. This is generally done in the first few days of enslavement.



Slaves are generally free to meander the insides of Salsola's borders, though they are well-advised to remain away from the borders themselves. Communal slaves are almost never permitted to leave Salsola. Personal slaves may be permitted to leave the packlands on errands, if their owner allows it.


Most of the communal slaves remain around the Milstone area, shacking up together in the slave quarters. The slave quarters are a nondescript, ramshackle cottage. Despite the cottage's downtrodden appearance, it provides plenty of warmth and shelter. Additionally, a small well pump in one corner of the cottage still produces a spout of fresh water.

Personal slaves generally take their quarters somewhere near to their master.


Slaves are permitted to own things, provided they are given to the slave. If, for example, a personal slave finds a trinket on the ground and desires to keep it, they must request their owner's permission to keep it. A communal slave would have to request permission of the leadership ranks to keep the item. Not asking is akin to stealing, and slaves caught stealing are, of course, subject to punishment.


Communal slaves are forbidden from engaging in sexual behavior. General pack slaves may not be used by Salsolian members for sexual purposes under any circumstances; personal slaves are subject to the whims of their masters, though public displays of sexuality with a slave would be extremely humiliating to the ranked member.

Slaves are sometimes castrated and made into eunuchs. Slaves are forbidden from breeding without the permission of their master.

We gently discourage plots involving NPC or played sex slaves. We do not wish to see general pack slaves used for this purpose; do as you will with personal slaves, but the IC restrictions within Salsola are designed to discourage it. :c

Spirituality & Substances

Slaves are forbidden from partaking in official religious ceremonies; they are typically thought of as poor sacrifices, as well. Communal slaves are forbidden from using any substances which may interfere with their ability to serve the pack.

Punishments and Runaways

Slaves who break the Salsolian cultural norms are, naturally, subject to punishment; often the punishments for slaves are more severe. Slaves with a penchant for back-talk are often Silenced; slaves who cause worse mayhem are generally killed. Any slave that manages to escape Salsolian territory is hunted.