Salsola’s claim encompasses the southwestern portion of Drifter Bay, sprawling north towards Amherst. The pack utilizes the Pictou River as its eastern edge, and keep its borders trapped and well-patrolled. Surrounded by the Bay of Fundy, the pack enjoys coastal terrain and inland grass plains. It is a territory comprised of sprawling woodland, rocky beaches, and multiple sources of fresh water. A thick swath of pine and deciduous forest surrounds both the Millstone Village and the western coast.

Residential Areas [Wiki]

The Ruins, where much of the Family resides, are scattered from the Millstone Village nearly to the coast -- like bones, the bleached remains of a grand castle and its outbuildings sprawl in eerie, crumbling splendour. The stone remnants of buildings provide secretive pockets, often disguised by their owners. A stunning overgrowth of underbrush provides excellent cover for sneaky doorways hidden below.

Millstone is an isolated village, accessible only by forest paths that stretch and twist for miles through the marshes and forests. Small cabins hunker against the elements, many still containing simple tools of the past; technological advances were not present in this village even before the apocalypse. From cabins to barns to a one room schoolhouse and graveyard, one can draw the conclusion that Millstone is in fact, an Amish village tucked away from the eyes of the world.

More Information

  • Associates are restricted to residency within Millstone; these are meant to be temporary, reusable housing units.
  • Family members and above can claim residences within The Ruins.
  • For more information about claiming a residency and seeing who your neighbors might be, see the Wiki.

The Peninsulas

The southernmost coast of Salsola boasts unique geological features such as raised beaches, caves and sea stacks. Three dilapidated buildings cluster near the park entrance; otherwise, this pristine wilderness park bears no evidence of humanity. The former picnic area provides an excellent small pasture ground.

The western peninsula is marshy grassland, while the eastern peninsula is rocky and forbidding. The cove provides excellent fishing, though one must beware the tide, as anywhere else along the Bay of Fundy coastline. Many consider this the most beautiful area of Salsola, often providing a view across the bay to the far coast on clear days.

Isle Haute sits just off the coast of Salsola's southernmost shore. It features towering bayside bluffs, which offer some protection from the fierce tides. Full of sea-caves, Salsola primarily uses this island for production purposes. The island is accessible via a dock and chain-pulley boat, operated by the Slave of Salt.

Pictou Delta

The Pictou Delta consists of the territory surrounding the Pictou River. The land is flat and rolls into the river, as the earth has given way to the forces of water. Most of this territory has some amount of tree growth and underbrush -- this is thickest to the north, whereas the delta of the Pictou is somewhat swampy land.

Though the river empties into the bay with surprising force, the Pictou experiences a tidal bore with each tide change. The incoming high tide is visible, rolling slowly up the Pictou with each incoming high tide. Water nearest the bay is decidedly brackish during these times, though it again becomes fresh with the tidal outflow.

The Pine Barrens

The outermost territory is oblong and essentially rings Salsola's outermost perimeter. The most heavily forested of Salsola's lands occur in westernmost and easternmost parts of the Pine Barrens, with thick mixed forest along the river and along the coastline. These conifer and broad-leaf forests thin near the center of this long territory and the marshland dominates, though copses of trees can be seen here and there.

Vast numbers of animals take advantage of this forest, and this land is a favored hunting spot for many Salsolans. Sections of the forest have obviously been logged by Luperci means, and several paths are well-maintained throughout the woodland.

Most of the Barrens follows the path of a small tributary of the Pictou. River Deception -- more a creek than a river -- snakes through this area from nearby Grimrun Farm.

Grimrun [Wiki]

The remnants of human civilization have since been reclaimed and repurposed by Salsola. Once a tiny community nestled against the bay, the land consisted of ten modest houses -- now only two stone buildings remain. A constructed barn now dominates this area, ringed by several large pastures. The beginnings of small-scale crops can be found not far from the barn itself.

Grimrun functions as the center of Salsola’s horse breeding facility. Personal horses are not allowed to be stabled here, and members may be restricted from access as the Gamekeeper sees fit.

Trantamar Marshes

The Tantramar Marshes are the largest swath of land within Salsola's claim, though one might say it is the least intriguing. It is dotted with sparse trees, generally huddled together in small stands. The forestry grows progressively thinner in the east and becomes grassy plainland by the river's delta. The rolling hills and plains display evidence of glaciation, including various drumlins and eskers, rolling and rising awkwardly from the otherwise flat land.

Nearly crossing into the Pine Barrens is a small glacial lake known as Lake Ligeia. The shore surrounding it has dark, nearly black earth.

Western Coast

This stretch of coast is the most serene of Salsola's beaches. The shore is comparatively gentle, comprised primarily of muddy sand rather than rocks. The bay's tide is nevertheless fierce, and the tidal range here is quite striking, with rises of 46 feet (14 m). Inland, the soil is unsympathetic to plants; few survive save gnarled pines, twisted and turned ugly by their harsh existence. The underbrush is similarly hardy, and the sparse pine forest gradually gives way to the beginnings of marshland to the east.

The most striking feature of this coastal terrain is the large number of erratic stones decorating the territory: it seems this stretch of coast was a particular hotspot for glacial dumping. Numerous round, flat, and misshapen stones, most of them rather large, decorate the Western coastline. A rather large, flat rock is used as a platform for rituals; in early 2012 this was expanded by means of a Stone Ship.

Marrgerd [Wiki]

The coniferous forest hugging the coast begins to give way Drifter Bay's marshes in the area known as Marrgerd. A small pond formed where a glacial kettle once gouged the land. Much of Salsola's livestock dwells here -- there is a stable, tucked away into a copse of trees and disguised by clever placement of underbrush. The corral is similarly disguised, and its existence might be missed by a careless new Salsolan, let alone an outsider.