The Family values respect, privacy, and secrecy over all else. While Salsola's social structure appears from the outside to be tightly-knit and functional, not everything is as it seems -- backstabbing, secretive trysts, treasonous plots and so forth are commonplace as a sinister undercurrent to the public persona of a cohesive community.

Founding Principles


Respect is a major influence on daily Salsolan life. Public shaming, humiliation, and praise are extremely important to Salsolans, as they have great impact on standing within the pack. Members should always try to save face; public humiliation of another canine is extremely disrespectful, and can be used as a punishment. Patriotism is expected of members where culture and values are concerned, and respect and outward loyalty toward Salsola's culture and ideals is expected.


Privacy is another important concept -- one's public representation is of the utmost concern to the discerning Salsolan. Canines are ill-advised to blatantly slander any fellow member, especially if they are of a higher rank -- speaking against another member in public without justification is insulting. Quiet whispers and private exchanges of information, false or true, are commonplace.


Secrecy, or omertà, is a third notable aspect of Salsolan culture. Members of the pack are restricted within the public eye, certainly, but what one can achieve in secret through dirty means is just as valid as something done righteously to a Salsolan. This lust for secrecy stretches into some members' personal habits -- the sharing of a secret is an act of extreme love or trust to some, and is not to be taken lightly.

Other Principles


Salsola is concerned primarily with itself as a kingdom: members are expected to work together as a cohesive group toward the shared goal of Salsolan prosperity, regardless of their personal affinities and dislikes. Any Salsolan, regardless of status and rank, is better than an Outsider, after all. Members of the Family should interact with one another with respect and duty at the forefront of their minds -- love and adoration of one another is unnecessary, but apparent devotion to the group is expected.

Salsola versus Outsiders

Members should strive for wariness of Outsiders. Spying is a highly valued skill, and knowledge regarding Outsider packs or groups is an important commodity. Frequent or close association with Outsiders can be considered suspicious -- those suspected of retaining close ties to someone unaffiliated with Salsola may be spied upon by their own packmates.

Salsola is not at all forthcoming regarding its own activities and inclinations . As such, close sentimental relations with other packs are purposefully avoided. Nearby lurkers are frequently dispatched, and the pack has no tolerance whatsoever for trespassers.

Salsola generally refuses to incite trouble against other strong groups, as it is not warmongering so much as power-hungry -- weak groups are perceived as potential prey, and may be treated as such. Loners are openly derided as having no power -- they have no group protection and no structure, and those who willfully choose a prolonged life as a Loner are regarded as strange and distasteful to the typical Salsolan.

Individuals should avoid causing issue with other packs without the blessing of the leaders -- retaliation would be most unpleasant! Of course, if member's actions throw no suspicion on Salsola (an individual’s secrets can be kept secret, after all), the leaders are typically indifferent. Not all Outsiders are treated the same; see Salsola’s Pack Relationships for current standings.