The Last Supper

Mealtime is taken together as a family approximately every other month - This particular event is dubbed The Last Supper by Salsolans. Depending on supplies and the necessity of news being passed along, the meal may occur more or less frequently.

Attendance is expected; unless a character has a good reason for absence, s/he should attend. Repeated in-attendance for poor reasons or no reason can result in consequences. For simplicity, all ranked members may OOCly presume their character has attended, excepting the rare mandatory thread.

Supper Hall

The Last Supper always occurs in a ruined hall in the south of the Ruins. A mix of different tables, logs, stools, and other assorted furniture makes up the seating and tabling arrangements. As the supper typically occurs at night, torches and candles provide lighting for the feasting pack. Slaves - both general pack slaves and personally owned slaves that have been generously provided to assist in preparation for the event from their owners - can sometimes begin preparing for the feast a full week prior to the event if it is especially large and splendorous; Curing meats and cooking or salting delicious banquet food, as well as assembling the necessary chairs, tables, fire-pits and cookery necessary for a smooth-running Last Supper.

News & Procession

Business matters are never spoken while eating, as it is seen as disrespectful to the hunter/cook and the leadership. Before or after the meal, the leadership will share any relevant news and announcements with the pack, and occasionally they will offer a speech. Once the leadership has spoken, the rest of the pack may share personal news; And only after the leadership has sampled the food, may the rest of the pack begin eating.


  • The Boss sits at the head of the gathering, flanked by the Sotto Capo. High ranks sit nearer to the leadership; the Lord Commander sits at the Boss’ right hand.
  • Mates sit across from each other at the table.
  • Bambino are permitted to attend the Supper at any age, depending on their parents' wishes. Typically, children are separated from their parents, given their own small space. Some parents choose to keep their children close.
  • Slaves may not sit, depending on if they're allowed to be present at all. Some meals require slaves to serve hot spit-roasts or delicacies; other times, slaves are not permitted to enter the dining hall at all, and can only listen to the festivities from beyond the stone walls of the Supper Hall.